Suncor’s Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department at Suncor Stainless provides testing services for our customers and serves our internal needs as well. The Quality Control Department can provide customers (upon request) with working load limit (WLL) and breaking load (BL) testing and 100% dimensional inspections and reports. Quality Control is also responsible for conducting testing for Magnetic Permeability certificates, Certificates of Compliance, Chemical Analysis Reports, and Pull Test reports.

Our Quality Control System emphasizes testing products to uncover defects and reporting to management, who evaluates the information and makes the decision to allow or deny product release. Our Quality Assurance component also attempts to improve and stabilize production and associated processes to avoid, or at least minimize, issues which led to the defect(s) in the first place.

The Quality Control Department utilizes product inspection controls, where products, materials or raw materials are examined to assure that the chemical properties are consistent with established industry standards. Specifications and dimensions are also measured for compliance to Suncor’s specifications and designs. All these steps are achieved by implementing established provisions in the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 Sampling specification in addition to complying with our current ISO standard and Suncor’s quality manual.