Quality Marine Hardware

When choosing the right provider for stainless steel hardware it is paramount to understand the quality assurance and control that goes into the quality marine hardware you are sourcing. At Suncor, providing quality marine hardware is always foremost in our planning and operations. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Suncor Stainless has met the highest industry standards for quality performance and we live by these high standards 365 days per year.

Quality Related Certifications

In addition to our ISO 9001:2005 certification, Suncor Stainless has multiple government qualifications including MIL-DTL-781 and MIL-QML-6117 for the manufacture of aircraft control cable and assemblies. Additionally, Suncor is qualified under MIL-DTL-32655 for manufacture and provision of 233 parts. We have government inspectors at our facility several times each year to ensure we maintain our required quality and documentation.

Quality Standards and Quality Assurance

Suncor Stainless follows strict quality procedures and standards for every product manufactured under the Suncor name. Suncor inspects all material certificates and we work with a small number of suppliers to ensure consistence and accuracy. Our material suppliers understand material will be analyzed using state of the art equipment, making compliance extremely high. Having field engineers to inspect material at the plant level assures that non complainant material is rejected before it is shipped to Suncor.

Inspection and Quality Assurance Upon Arrival

When Suncor receives material, whether it is bar stock or a finished shackle, we quarantine and process a sampling through several quality control processes before material is confirmed to meet our standards and enter inventory. First, all samplings are analyzed with one of our Bruker XRF Analyzer Spectrometers which provides a 99.5% accurate analysis of metallurgy and chemical content of the stainless alloy. An additional sample is placed in our accelerated salt spray tester which emulates five years in a saltwater environment with 96 hours of consistent salt spray. Then we bake it and return it to salt spray for another 96 hours. All parts undergo visual inspection where measurements are checked, and parts are analyzed for any imperfection. Our last QA step is to perform any required strength testing.

Only after this double inspection can parts be presented for inventory.

Additional Inspections, Testing and Certificates

Suncor Stainless provides several levels of product certifications for the piece of mind and requirements of all customers.

  • Certificate of Conformance (COC): This is a basic certificate provided to attest that the specifications of the product acquired is as we advertised and specify in our published documents. This is provided, upon request, at no charge. A COC does not include any specific testing reports.
  • Strength Testing: This is usually a Proof Test or a Break Test. Both are at charge and easily requested from a Suncor Stainless associate.
  • Material Testing: Material testing beyond a COC is usually specific to a project requirement and may be for hardness, metallurgy, chemical analysis, dye penetrant analysis or surface roughness. All these tests are performed at an extra charge. You can receive an exact quote for the testing you need form a Suncor Stainless associate.

The Suncor Difference

Some companies use quality as a marketing term, but Suncor Stainless lives quality as a corporate driving principle and we have the certifications, equipment, experience, and track record to confidently say our products and services are top quality. From USA made chain and shackles, to imported turnbuckle bodies and eyebolts, all our products receive the same consistent care to ensure our customers receive the highest grade quality marine hardware.