Wire Rope and Swaging

Make Suncor Stainless your one-stop-shop for all your custom wire rope assembly needs. We stock a large variety of stainless steel wire rope and swage components to provide a quick turnaround on large and small custom assemblies for architectural, marine, industrial and military applications.

Suncor offers a variety of wire rope options and swage components to fit any project.  We provide these services so you don’t need to make the large invest in the machinery required.  Our capabilities also include the ability to swage large wire rope diameters. 

Suncor’s wire rope options include:

Suncor’s swage hardware options include:

Mil. Spec Swage Terminals

Suncor Stainless is part of an elite ranking of companies in the U.S. Government’s Quality Manufacturer’s List (QML). Suncor has invested extensively in technology, manufacturing and testing to meet the government’s quality and testing requirements for aircraft control cable terminals and assemblies and as a result we are listed in QML-6117 and QPL-781 for these specific components. The 40 qualified stainless steel swage components that are listed in QPL-781 are left hand and right hand Swage Studs (Part # MS21259), Swage Eyes (Part # MS20668), Swage Forks (Part # MS20667) and Single Shank Balls (Part # MS20664C), with sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 3/8″.

Visit the pages below to see Suncor’s complete line of Mil. Spec swage terminals, wire rope, swage terminals, swage turnbuckles and swage sleeves.