Retail Packaging

Suncor’s pre-packaged merchandise enables you to stock with confidence, knowing each product is supplied with care and consistency. Clean looking stainless steel, durable packaging and attractive graphics make for a better shopping experience. Suncor’s in-house packaging facilities offer fast turnaround on all orders.

Our packaging has eye-catching graphics and color. Depending on your needs, you can choose between shrink-wrapped cards, tie-on cards, poly-bags, blister boxes or labels.

The attractive tie-on cards make it easy for customers to handle the items without damaging the packaging. Custom poly-bagging, with printing on both sides of the bag is avaliable on our latest generation auto bagging machine. Bar codes are standard on all pre-packaged Suncor items. Suncor offers trade-outs to contract clients on pre-packaged items that are damaged or slow movers.

Suncor’s Retail Packaging Program features:

High quality products deserve high quality packaging. Call us today to inquire about our Retail Packaging Program!