Finding The Right Chain

Suncor® Stainless  offers a variety of the highest quality chains that produce consistent and unmatched reliability. With a large inventory of industrial, marine, light duty, specialty chains and many more, it can be hard to navigate which chain is most useful for your needs.

NACM Industrial Chain 316L 
Suncor’s stainless Industrial Chain is made in the USA and is most commonly used for marine applications. This chain fully complies with all requirements of the US National Association of Chain Manufactures’ specifications. 

Long Link Chain 304L 
Suncor’s stainless steel Long Link Chain is ideal for a variety of applications and features optimal corrosion resistance. The links, on average, are 1.5 times longer than standard chain links.

Twist Link Chain 304
Suncor’s stainless steel Twist Link Chain is ideal for decorative applications, dairy applications, swings, animal control, wallets, and accessories. This chain features optimal corrosion resistance and durability.

Single Jack Chain 304/302
Suncor’s stainless steel Single Jack Chain is made in the USA and is perfect for lighting fixtures and novelty applications. It is available in 100 foot lengths, and it complies with ASTM A466 and NACM standards.

Double Loop Chain 304
Suncor’s stainless steel Double Loop Chain is made in the USA and is ideal for swings, decorative, and novelty applications. This chain is sold in 100 foot lengths and complies with ASTM A466 and NACM standards.

Safety Chain 302
Suncor’s stainless steel Safety Chain is made in the USA and provides added security for items that could be lost or fall overboard. This chain is ideal for attachment to caps, lids, pins, etc.

Trailer Safety Chain Pack 316
Suncor’s Trailer Safety Chain Pack contains a high quality quick link and stainless steel Industrial Chain. This pack provides additional safety and security when utilizing a trailer.

Did you not find the right chain? No need to worry, we still offer more choices at Suncor Stainless.  Check out our website to find more information on our products and you can always contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


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