Quick Attach™ Lifeline Kits

Boat owners are regularly faced with the decision of replacing their lifelines as a result of rust or cracked sheathing. Rather than send your measurements and details to a rigging service to have them made professionally, which can be costly, rig and install a lifeline in minutes using a Suncor Stainless Quick Attach™ Lifeline Kit. Stainless steel mechanical swage fittings offer seamless results using only simple hand tools. The Quick Attach™ turnbuckle with toggle provides a safe and secure alternative to open body fittings and allows for easy tensioning. Wire rope is sold separately and is available in a 1×19 construction or PVC coated 7×7 wire. Wire rope offers a long lifespan and an attractive finish while PVC coated wire is comfortable to grip and eliminates the possibility of items catching or snagging on the lines.